A CardiacCare Product that

simplifies and ensures data

accuracy, auditing and reporting.

Inter-Rater Reliability

Our Inter-Rater Reliability Software for

Auditing Your Data

You are only as accurate as your data.

It is key in today’s world to prove you are meeting national standards when it comes to quality of care. Your data must be proven & reliable. IRR is an invaluable tool that allows you to audit your abstracted data randomly and in a streamlined process, proving its accuracy. Eliminate old-fashioned manual verification crosschecks such as ‘trading papers’, and opt for a new streamlined and randomized way to audit your data.

Cost Savings!

Ease of Use!


Time Saving!

Naturally the goal for chart abstraction

is 100% accuracy

To test the accuracy of abstraction,

Cedaron has developed

IRR (Inter-rater reliability)

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Guaranteed Accuracy, Fast:

Ensure the accuracy of your data meets the necessary threshold in minutes.

Save Time:

No more manually auditing your data. Run a complicated query against thousands of records at the touch of a button.

Best Practice:

IRR will not allow auditors to audit their own data without special permission.

Randomize Your Audit:

Tell IRR how many patients you want audited with the number of fields and our software will randomly select patients for your audit.

This software is the perfect addition for CardiacCare, but can be used with any registry, and is completely

Vendor Neutral.

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Are your data abstractors

90% accurate?  95%100%?


Data verification will continue to be more and more important in the future, so get the confidence you need to stand behind your data

Quickly Filter Data

Examine data by abstractor, by auditor, and by any variable pertinent to your organization.

Customizable Reports

Generate reports in Excel using built-in templates, or customize your own.


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