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Enter patient information easily and accurately.


Universally accepted solution

for calculating impairment ratings and disability benefits. Cedaron obtained a license from the American Medical Association to include all chapters from 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions of

Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairments


It will soon include the updated 6th edition, ensuring that all state rules and regulations are fulfilled. ImpairmentCare™ saves you time and money by handling all computations and producing a clean, thorough report, guaranteeing your ratings are accurate and justifiable.


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Effortlessly Perform

all calculations for Upper and Lower Extremities and the Spine, incorporating Diagnostic-Related Estimate (DRE) and Range of Motion (ROM) methods.


Save time

by accurately calculating impairment rating within seconds by chapter and by whole person.


Get reimbursed faster

with automatic reports in Microsoft Word. The software will include all necessary chapter, page, and table citations.


Special State Requirements


California has unique requirements for impairment regulations. Cedaron’s ImpairmentCare incorporates all regulations to provide practices in California with the necessary tools for quick, accurate, and defensible reporting.


Regulations include:


First Report of Occupational Injury (5021)


PR-2 and PR-2 Chart Note




Alvarez Guzman decision

Cedaron is the only impairment software that includes the California standard mental and behavioral impairment calculations and updates them regularly.


Additional features are:

Additional Pain Allowance:

According to CA law, physicians can add up to 3% additional pain allowance to total impairment calculation for patients with injuries and associated pain meeting a certain threshold. ImpairmentCare automatically calculates allowance for qualifying patients. The system also includes an automatic alert system if you enter greater than 3% additional pain allowance.



California Permanent Disability Report:

Cedaron’s ImpairmentCare automatically produces a report with information broken down according to California PD criteria. Our software will soon include the tools to meet new requirements based on the Alvarez-Guzman II ruling in CA.



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