User Friendly

Easy Accessibility

Real-Time Data Analysis

Quickly and easily produce ad hoc detailed reports without an understanding of SQL queries.

Web-based on your organization’s intranet for easy accessibility from any device without compromising security. Administrators can grant permission to different reporting tools on a per user or group basis.

Include data collected that was just entered prior to your analysis.

Real Time Dashboards

Built in Reports

Customizable Reports

Users can customize their dashboard to see the reports most important to them. Each user can have multiple dashboards.  Dashboards update real time.


Access to a full catalogue of pre-written ACC and STS Flash Reports.


Create custom and edit existing reports. All reports can be downloaded as a CSV, Excel, or PDF file.


Automatic Reporting

Registry Versatility

Vendor Neutrality

Users can schedule reports to email directly to physicians and administrator taking full advantage of Cento without even logging on.

Use data from multiple registries in one report for a complete representation.

Use Cento with any registry or database within your hospital system to analyze relevant data (not just CardiacCare). We have an easy to follow tool on importing other data to Cento.


Run Productivity Reports and Referral Reports

Dashboards Defined by the User

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Big Data at Your Fingertips

 Web Based Analytic Reporting Available Everywhwere!

Taking Data to the next level

Analytics Without SQL Queries; Anyone Can Run or Build a Report.

Cedaron’s Cento Analytics is a groundbreaking solution for real-time data analysis in the healthcare field.  Unlike other analytic tools, you can complete all reports yourself without an IT professional or an understanding of SQL queries. Create complex reports including calculated values and statistics with the touch of a button.  Build reports on complications, length of stay, door to balloon time and any other data pertinent to your organization in order to develop best practices born directly from your data.


More features of Cento include:


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